It’s Time for Ann Mozey

By Ann Redig

One reason I often hear why people vote for our MN House representative, Bob Dettmer, is that he was a great coach.  I can agree with that as my son was a wrestler. But what about Mr. Dettmer as a MN House representative? He has served 12 years and has made $387,540.00. ($31,140.00 X 11years, $45,000.00 for this past year.) It adds to quite a sum. How then does that add to the kind of representation that has been very important to me. Being very aware of his voting record, for me, it adds to very little.

As a retired teacher myself and knowing that Mr. Dettmer is a retired physical education teacher, I can’t understand why he continually votes to not fund or underfund education. In 2013, he voted “Nay” (No) on House File (HF) 630 – 2013-2015 Biennium K-12 Education Budget, which also established funding for all-day kindergarten and early learning scholarships for children living in poverty.

In 2015, he co-sponsored HF 844 that was vetoed by our governor because: “The bill’s total investment of $400 million is insufficient given the state’s large surplus of 1.9 billion.” In 2017, he voted for HF 890, the omnibus E-12 education appropriation bill, that was vetoed by our governor because instead of a 2% increase, “The 1.5 percent annual increases in the basic formula in the bill are inadequate to sustain school operations in the face of rising costs”, thus our levies.

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