SD39 Convention business moved to online balloting

In response to COVID-19, in conjunction with the State DFL, Senate District 39 will be using an online balloting system for our convention business: endorsing candidates, choosing CD/State delegates, and voting on resolutions. SD 39 delegates will be completing the online balloting between April 25th and May 4th.

More information will be shared as it is available. Thank you for your patience and flexibility, and stay healthy.


As we gear up for our Senate District Convention, you may want to learn more about those that have declared their candidacy. Until the SD39 Convention has taken place, we do not endorse specific candidates, but encourage all to run successful campaigns. We are listing the active campaigns here, again without endorsement, and ask that you get to know the candidates.

House Candidates

We currently have only one declared DFL candidate in each 39A and 39B. Click on their names below for more information.

39A – Ann Mozey

39B – Shelly Christensen

Senate Candidates

We currently have 3 candidates running for Minnesota State Senate. They provided some information below, and you can also find links to their campaign websites.

Josiah Hill

Josiah Hill, running for Minnesota State Senate

I am proud to have grown up in Stillwater and to be a Stillwater graduate.  Today my wife Emily and I are raising our three daughters here in Stillwater where I am honored to teach at my alma mater-SAHS.  I have served as our local teachers’ association president for the past ten years and have been humbled to be elected to this role by my colleagues for 5 consecutive terms.  I entered this race to be a voice for the kids of our communities (every single one of them-no exceptions), to protect Minnesota’s beautiful environmental treasures and to ensure we keep our water and air clean, and to serve as a voice for the middle-class values I was raised on.  I hold a BA in English from UW-Madison, a masters degree in secondary education from UW-River Falls, and a doctoral degree in educational leadership from Hamline University.

In a time when politics appear to many to be ugly and divisive, I will bring my approach of deep listening and my experience set of seeking out sensible solutions to the Capitol to do the work necessary to allow our great state of Minnesota and all Minnesotans to prosper and evolve as we move into the years ahead together. 


Nancy McLean

Nancy McLean, running for Minnesota State Senate

Hi, I’m Nancy McLean and I’m running for State Senate.

I’m a lifelong Minnesotan. Stillwater is where I’ve made my home and
raised my sons. We love this community and our neighbors.

Both my career and personal life are oriented around helping people.
In my therapy practice, I see many clients struggle to afford
healthcare. As a small business owner, I know the struggle
personally. Escalating healthcare costs are hurting our community
and our economy. This is not sustainable, and it is one of many
reasons I have decided to run for the Minnesota Senate seat in District

With experience as a small business owner, healthcare provider, and
a corporate professional, I have gained a broad and nuanced
perspective on how we can successfully navigate the challenges
ahead. We need bold representation and leadership in our state
government that shares our community’s values around:

  • Affordable healthcare for all Minnesotans
  • A robust public education system that prepares every student to be competitive in the global economy
  • Protecting our air, water and natural habitats
  • Creating green energy and infrastructure jobs that pay livable wages

I am that leader and, as your state senator, I will bring real change that
represents our values to the State Capitol.


Sean Ryan

I’m running for MN State Senate because I believe we need more authentic conversation and less divisiveness – across the aisle AND within our own party. It starts with empathy, understanding, and the ability to discuss with nuance.

As a 2-time kidney transplant recipient – affordable health care is my top priority. In 2010, I was out of work, on dialysis, and luckily qualified for Medicare assistance. I know the struggle of high health care costs, both in my surgeries and continuing care – and I believe a public option is our best next step.

I covered politics for years as a TV journalist, holding lawmakers and corporations responsible. Covering hundreds of stories, I understand the big issues do not have black-and-white solutions. Let’s focus on progress over perfection on critical issues like healthcare, the environment and education.

As a father of 2, I support education funding catering to creativity, not tests – paying teachers over bureaucrats.

And jobs! We need smart business incentives as Automation and AI continue to erode our jobs. It will be the most critical issue facing our middle class in the next decade.

I appreciate your consideration and hope to hear from you! 


Members of our executive committee proudly representing the DFL at the 2019 Washington County Fair!

Welcome to SD39!

Directors and leadership from the SD39 DFL executive committee